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The Story of JELLY BRYCE Coming to American Heroes Channel March 23rd! Author Mike Conti interviewed for program.


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Jelly Bryce: A Novel by Mike Conti

 Part I of the Trilogy Inspired by the Life of a True American Law Enforcement Legend-Jelly Bryce

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Bob Taubert's Classic Legacy Book: RATTENKRIEG!

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The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft

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Mike Conti's Original Police Pistolcraft Instructor's Manual

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New Paradigm Target Systems from LET

Police Pistolcraft Video Series produced by Calibre Press

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Read Mike Conti's article "A Winning Hand"

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In Remembrance

Rex Applegate

1914 - 1998

U.S. Army / OSS

In Remembrance

In Remembrance, Roger A. Ford

Roger A. Ford

1948 - 2002


In Remembrance

In Remembrance, Jim Cirillo

Jim Cirillo

1931 - 2007


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Articles Available for Viewing or Downloading (PDF)

SWAT March 2000. Cover story: Mike Conti's review of the TAR-21These articles are presented as a service to visitors of this website. They are available for viewing or downloading to your own computer for personal viewing. These articles may also be linked to other websites with permission.

All rights reserved. With the exception of "reasonable use" excerpts (quotes may be included in new works), none of these works may be reproduced in their entirety for commercial purposes without written permission.  

Instructions: Either left-click on File Selection button to open file and then save it, or right-click and then select "Save Target As..." to download file to your computer or disk. These files are confirmed to be virus-free and spyware-free. They have been created using Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional. You will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open these files.


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Read "A Winning Hand" article on G&A site

Guns & Ammo Articles

Includes "In the Line of Fire" columns

        Title                                                                   Published                   

NOTE: Copies of the following four articles have been requested numerous times. Portions of these articles were integrated into the text Police Pistolcraft.

Read Conti's review of the S&W Submachine Gun Instructor Course in the July 1998 issue of SWAT

SWAT Articles

        Title                                                                   Published     

  • Mental Preparation: Foundation for Survival     July 1994
  • Mental Preparation: Part 2                                  August 1994
  • S&W Academy Tactical Handgun Course        December 1994
  • MSI Chemical Agent Instructor Program           January 1997
  • Advantage 1000 Chemical Agent Respirator   April 1997
  • Simunitions                                                           November 1997
  • S&W Submachine Gun Instructor Course        July 1998
  • RAD System Instructor Course                         January 1999
  • The TAR-21 (Cover story)                                  March 2000

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NJ COPS Articles

Includes "For the Working Cop" columns

        Title                                                                Published     

  • For the Working Cop Intro                          March 1998
  • Cops Should Always Carry                        April 1998
  • Avoiding Mission Failure                            May 1998
  • Product Reviews                                         June 1998
  • Rex Applegate                                            July 1998
  • Product Reviews                                         Sept. 1998
  • Police Academies                                      Oct. 1998
  • Book Reviews                                             Dec. 1998
  • Heroes                                                         Jan. 1999
  • Fighting Knives Pose Real Threat            Feb. 1999
  • Cirillo Video Review                                  April 1999
  • Diallo Shooting                                           May 1999
  • Jim Grover Videotapes Review                June 1999
  • Officer Safety Comes First                        July 1999
  • Simunitions Review                                    August 1999
  • Beware the International Generic Madman  Sept. 1999
  • Ohiyesa                                                        October 1999
  • Good Soldiers Carry On the Fight             January 2000

Articles by Topic

        Title                                                                Publication                                   

  • Mass State Police Crime Lab                     Law & Order / June 1997
  • TV Reality Cop Shows                                 American Police Beat / February 1999
  • Another Rush to Judgment                           American Police Beat / May 1999
  • If the Gun Fits...                                              Police & Security News / August 1999
  • Beware the Generic Madman                     (APB 1999) This is the original unedited versionBeware the Generic Madman: Original unedited version 1999
  • The TAR-21  (Cover story)                           Police Marksman / Dec. 1999  
  • The TAR-21 Weapon System                     Police & Security News / June 2000

Read "Another Rush to Judgment", article about the Diallo shooting in NYC, first published in American Police Beat May 1999. (Cover image copyright 1999 The New Yorker depicts a police officer shooting at "citizen targets" with caption "41 shots 10 cents")








More articles will be posted on an ongoing basis.

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