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The Story of JELLY BRYCE Coming to American Heroes Channel March 23rd! Author Mike Conti interviewed for program.


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Jelly Bryce: A Novel by Mike Conti

 Part I of the Trilogy Inspired by the Life of a True American Law Enforcement Legend-Jelly Bryce

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Bob Taubert's Classic Legacy Book: RATTENKRIEG!

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The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft

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Mike Conti's Original Police Pistolcraft Instructor's Manual

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Police Pistolcraft Video Series produced by Calibre Press

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In Remembrance

Rex Applegate

1914 - 1998

U.S. Army / OSS

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In Remembrance, Roger A. Ford

Roger A. Ford

1948 - 2002


In Remembrance

In Remembrance, Jim Cirillo

Jim Cirillo

1931 - 2007


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JELLY BRYCE by Mike Conti

First two installments in the Jelly Bryce Trilogy available now! Part three coming in 2016.

Jelly Bryce: A Novel by Mike ContiJELLY BRYCE: FBI OdysseySPECIAL OFFER: Save 20% and buy both for $26.00!  Includes shipping!

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Learn more...RATTENKRIEG! The Art and Science of Close Quarters Battle Pistol

By Bob Taubert

Rattenkrieg was the term used by German soldiers during the battle for Stalingrad to describe the type of vicious, close quarters battle they experienced there while fighting a determined force of Russian soldiers and partisans street by bloody street. That term has been adopted for the title of this book because the true art and science of close quarters battle pistol skills can only be found when the techniques practiced and employed are based not on unrealistic range training protocols, but on the vivid realities experienced when engaged in a life or death fight for survival and total victory. Prospective students are advised that RATTENKRIEG! is not a basic pistol course and that very little time is spent reviewing those skills. Students must be able to hit the ground running and physical fitness is a definite asset when challenged by some of the more dynamic aspects of this training. While primarily focused on the handgun, many of the drills and techniques shown in this book are adaptable to the long gun as well.

Download RATTENKRIEG! eBOOK Edition Instantly Now! Click the BUY NOW button to start.

Book description: 5.5" x 8.5", 248 pages filled with information! More than 150 photos and illustrations! Softcover. ISBN 9780977265947

Price: $24.95

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RATTENKRIEG! (Paperback Edition) BUY NOW!

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The Complete Guide to the Tactics, Techniques, and Philosophy of the New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training

By Mike Conti

The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft provides a wealth of information relating to the pistol and its use by the modern-day police, security, or military professional. Written in an easy to read and understand format by Mike Conti, an internationally-recognized and award winning police firearms trainer and author, this book has already received a number of favorable reviews in the short time it has been available. Ed Lovette has called it the gold standard for giving an officer the basic skills in pistolcraft... John Farnam wrote that a copy should be in the hands of every young police officer! Dave Grossman has described it as a tremendous resource for the police officer and the police trainer. Complete with over 400 pages of vital information and more than 300 photographs and illustrations, The Officer's Guide to Police Pistolcraft is a MUST HAVE for anyone whose life may depend upon their skills and abilities with a handgun!

Book description: 5.5" x 8.5", 424 pages filled with new information! More than 300 photos and illustrations! Softcover. ISBN 9780977265909

Price: $34.95

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Paperback & Downloadable eBook Editions Available now! Free Shipping on all US orders!

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Order New Police Pistolcraft eBook EditionPOLICE PISTOLCRAFT® eBook Edition (Instructor's Manual)

The Reality-Based New Paradigm of Police Firearms Training

By Mike Conti

Police Pistolcraft is a ground-breaking firearms instructor's training manual that has been hailed as a seminal work that will help to revolutionize the way professional police officers train with their handguns. The original instructor's edition is now available in a user-friendly, special eBook edition available for download or on CD-ROM. The PDF file is available in two versions: a HI-RES version (86.6 MB) and a LOW-RES version (6.07 MB). Either version allows you to print out a hard copy of the book as well as have the easy-to-use and access digitized version on your computer.

Book description: 8.5" x 11", 360 pages filled with information! More than 250 photos and illustrations! Softcover. ISBN 9780977265930

Price: See below

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Downloadable eBook Edition Available Now!

Choose Hi-Res or Low-Res Version Below

Price: $30.00 Hi-Res PDF Version (86.6 MB)  Specifications: Hi-Resolution PDF, (86.6 MB), 360 information-filled pages, over 250 photos and illustrations! ISBN: 978-0-9772659-3-0   NOTE: This is a large file. May take a while to download but the crisp images are worth it.

   Police Pistolcraft Hi-Res Version    $30.00         

Price: $15.00 Low-Res PDF Version (6.07 MB) Specifications: Low-Resolution PDF, (6.07 MB), 360 information-filled pages, over 250 photos and illustrations! ISBN: 978-0-9772659-3-0   NOTE: This version contains the same materials as the Hi-Res version and prints out fine, but the image files are not as crisp especially when magnified. Fairly fast download time.

   Police Pistolcraft Low-Res Version    $15.00



Learn more...BEYOND PEPPER SPRAY: The Complete Guide to Chemical Agents, Delivery Systems, and Protective Masks

By Mike Conti

Beyond Pepper Spray is a must-read for law enforcement, military and security personnel, or anyone with responsibility for, or concern about, the use of chemical agents or weapons. This is indeed a comprehensive guide. Its 256 pages provide a grounding and basic knowledge of all aspects of the field. Chapters are devoted to: safety, chemical weapon overviews, methods of delivery, various types of grenades and projectiles, specialty-impact munitions, aerosol subject restraint sprays, fog generators, compressed gas systems, gas launchers, tactical deployment considerations, masks, maintenance and training curricula. Three appendices cover additional detailed material. This will undoubtedly be the basic reference on the subject for many years, and Conti's crisp, clear writing style is easy to read. Published by Paladin Press 2002.

Book description: 8.5" x 11", 256 pages filled with information, photos, and illustrations! Softcover. ISBN 158160291-X

Paperback Edition Available Now! Downloadable eBook Edition Available Soon! Free Shipping on all US orders!

Price: $34.95

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Learn moreIN THE LINE OF FIRE: A Working Cop's Guide to Pistolcraft 

By Mike Conti         

By reading and mastering the information on weapon selection, stopping power, carry systems, combat reloading, stoppages and malfunctions, stances and grips, as well as Conti's "secrets" to accurate aimed shooting, working cops can increase the odds of ending their patrols alive and uninjured. Published by Paladin Press 1997.  8.5"x11", photos, illus., softcover, 184 pp. ISBN 1-58160-297-9


Downloadable eBook Edition Available Soon!



First produced in 1991, the customized SOU Guidebook has been expanded and refined into a multi-purposed tool currently in use by several successful police tactical teams. All new customized versions will be published by Saber Press.




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